We provide web services, websites, webshops, technical support services, event photography, and other services on a turnkey basis. You can get all your online services in one place, saving you time and money. This allows you to focus on the core competencies of your own company meanwhile we are working as background support.

All prices below are exclusive of VAT at 24%.

Web Services

Domain registration

Starting from: 1.25 €/month


Starting from: 7.00 €/month


Starting from: 900 €

Webshop or

Starting from: 1999 €

Websites' Technical
Monitoring and Maintenance

Starting from: 35.00 €/mo

Cloud service

Starting from: 25.00 €/mo

Technical Support

Hardware Installation

Windows • Macintosh • Mobile • UNIX • iOS • Android

65.00 €/h

Software Installation

Windows • Macintosh • Mobile • UNIX • iOS • Android

65.00 €/h

Maintenance Services

Windows • Macintosh • Mobile • UNIX • iOS • Android

65.00 €/h

Computer Maintenance

Windows • Macintosh • Mobile • UNIX • iOS • Android

65.00 €/h

Helpdesk Services

Windows • Macintosh • Mobile • UNIX • iOS • Android

86.00 €/h


Windows • Macintosh • Mobile • UNIX • iOS • Android

Starting from: 86.00 €/h

Household deduction

You get a household deduction when you buy computer installation, maintenance and training, if the service is given at your home. You also get this deduction when the service is given at a secondary residence. Household deduction is not applied to traveling expenses or to other accessories. In 2023 the maximum household deduction is 2 250 € jand the deductible is 100 €. Household deduction is only given for the work portion. You can deduct 40 % of the work portion, if you have purchased the work from a company. You get the maximum deduction, if the bill for the work portion is 5 875 euros. See the detailed instructions from the Verotoimisto (“tax office”) webpage:

Maintenance quote for insurance companies

Device faults are investigated and a written report is given to an insurance company to support a compensation claim. The report is recommended to be attached to the compensation claim. An insurance comapny requires that you get a statement from a professional about the condition of a broken device. The cost of the statement is given back to you from the insurance company.

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

If the issue persists, we can give clear instructions to possible follow-up measures. There will be no charge for the spent troubleshooting time, if we cannot fix the issue.

If we cannot remove a virus or malware for some reason, or the damage caused by it is too large, the only fix might be to install your operating system again. This reinstallation does not charge extra to this service.

Travel expense compensation

For new private customers the first maintenance service has a 10% off the full price. This offer does not apply to businesses.

Travel allowance 0.53 €/km, which is charged in addition to the actual service price.

Service availability

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 09.00 – 17.00
  • During weekends (Sat-Sun) can be arranged with:
    • 120 €/h (first hour)

Instructions for bringing your computer to maintenance

  • Call us, before you bring your computer to maintenance.
  • When you bring your computer or other electronical device to maintenance, remember to take:
    • User name and paswword for administrator
    • laptop power adapter or other charging device,
    • operating system installation devices or driver installation DVDs and possible program installation DVDS,
    • the license keys for operating systems or programs,
    • possible problem source when the device is external along with its’ power cord.

IT Security


IT Security


Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Graphic Design

Logos, business cards, forms, other cards, invitations and envelopes.

Posters, brochures, decals, labels, calendars and rollups.

Presentation graphics

Advert decals

Event Photography

Video shoots


Web Analytics


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)